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Re-connect with the real you and with your heart for your family, work, and God

April 12-14, 2018

Midland, NC (just east of Charlotte)



  • To see other guys with the same struggles and hope
  • To not feel the need to hide anymore, to be free to be yourself
  • A chance to process life and the challenges that have come that you never expected
  • To get re-centered, realigned, rejuvenated

IF YOU'RE . . .

  • Tired and caught up in the crush of life and putting up a front

  • Feeling like you’re giving more than you’ve got, and not getting back as much as you give

  • Wondering - Am I getting this right? Do I just keep trying like this or am I fouling it up?



Confidence that you know the right road to follow

A quiet space you don’t usually create for your own life

Clarity about what it means to be be a man in todays world and culture

Conversations on a level that you’ve maybe pushed down in everyday life

Rest and good eating with a bunch of guys with no expectations of each other


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It’s a time to get some fresh air, relax, and not think about work, sales, what client I’m missing...and really concentrate on my life and the THE end goal.
— Buddy Boone
I can go home and love my kids better, love my wife better, because of the conversations I had.
— Caleb Hill
You will reap far more than you sow in, just from the rest and rejuvination that will happen in your soul
— Jeremy Wolfram
Men carry burdens and questions just beneath the surface. At MANTIME guys come and live and have conversations there beneath the surface
— John Freeman

MANTIME 2018 Speaker


David Murrow is director of Church for Men, an organization dedicated to restoring a healthy, life-giving masculine spirit in Christian congregations. He is the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, an inspirational bestseller with more than 150,000 copies in print in more than a dozen languages.

A sought-after speaker, Murrow has delivered keynote addresses for the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries, Presbyterian Men, and Lutheran Men in Mission to name a few. He’s trained church leaders for Promise Keepers, and has spoken at men’s events around the world.

Murrow spent thirty years honing his skills as a communicator, producing and writing award-winning television documentaries, commercials and specials. He’s contributed material to Discovery Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS, Food Network, Travel Channel, Dr. Phil, The Miss America Pageant and many others.

Murrow has a degree in Anthropology from Baylor University. He’s a layman who’s served as an elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA). He’s married with three children and lives in Chugiak, Alaska.



A Unique Location

Unlike similar events that take place in a megachurch or hotel conference center, MANTIME is held on the private 12 acre homestead owned by Chad & Myquillyn Smith. Having moved 14 times in 23 years of marriage Chad & Myquillyn finally realized their dream to move out from the ‘burbs and own property that would be used to welcome folks from all over and encourage them in their life and home.

Chad has experience in 3 different careers- church ministry, education, and business- and now divides his time between maintaining the property and co-owning an outdoor living business. Myquillyn, The Nester, author of The Nesting Place and Cozy Minimalist Home.

Their property is in Midland, NC just 40 minutes east of Uptown Charlotte. The property was formerly the Rocky River Sawmill and together they converted an old barn into a picturesque meeting place where the events are held. The entire property is conducive for quiet conversations and long walks. It also has a 1 acre pond and huge fire pit. Chad and Myquillyn have 3 boys (one in college, the other two in high school), Jack the chocolate Lab, 3 cats, and the property's mascot...a big Long Island Red rooster.

A Unique Approach

MANTIME was born out of frustration. Throughout the years of attending multiple men’s retreats and conferences Chad felt these events were not meeting a need so many men desired…a smaller, honest, and more engaging experience. A place where guys could be themselves and have time to rest and slow down without being shuffled from one scheduled thing to another. He desired an environment where men could be encouraged and challenged with grace without being pressured, condemned, or preached at.

Couple that with a rural farm setting that allows the outdoors to be the perfect backdrop to the weekend. It’s a simple idea…show up, meet some new friends, relax, eat well, and be willing to reflect on your life…that’s it! What started as a one-day event eventually evolved into this 3 day event we have every Spring.

At the inaugural MANTIME we were honored to have Dr. John Sowers, author of The Heroic Path and President of The Mentoring Project, as our speaker. Since then, the message of his book has served as a framework for MANTIME’s ideals. Our desire is that men recognize the awesome responsibility and privilege to be Godly men in today’s culture.

The MANTIME Experience

Fire Pit

How could we have a guys weekend without a fire? A campfire has this effect of drawing people around it. It’s relaxing and usually incites both light-hearted and deep discussions. Both are welcome and encouraged this weekend!

Pow Wow

All men need to be encouraged and challenged. But we also like to chime in with our own perspective and opinion. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage in some relative issues about being a man in this culture. Whether it’s light-hearted sharing about hobbies or interests or more reflective sharing the challenges facing men, you’ll feel free to engage as you feel comfortable.

R & R

We men work hard…many of us too much. Maybe you need some R&R. Maybe you need to let loose and have some fun. You’ll have a chance to “treat yo’ self”. Chill out in a quiet place, go on a stroll, or participate in some cool activities…it’s your choice.


Since this is not a conference center most guys pitch a tent, others hang an ENO nest, a few take advantage of their truck beds. Whether you want to be under roof or out under the stars the choice is yours. If you’re unable to bring a tent or sleeping bag just let us know ahead of time and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If you prefer something more refined, we can suggest a selection of local hotels at an additional cost.

MANTIME 2018 Schedule

Thursday, April 12

  • 2-5pm: Check-In                        

  • 6pm: Welcome & Dinner             

  • 7pm: Session 1                           

  • 9pm: Campfire & Connection      

Friday, April 13

  •         8:30a: Breakfast
  •         9:30a: Session 2
  •          12pm: Lunch
  •           1pm: Free Time
  •           5pm: BBQ Fest
  •           6pm: Beer & Hymns
  •           7pm: Session 3
  •           9pm: Campfire & Connection

Saturday, April 14

  •       8:30a: Breakfast
  •       9:30a: Session 4
  •      11:30a: Closing remarks
  •       12pm: Pack up & Head out!